Both locally and at the state level, Indiana is working to provide a common sense approach to policy, regulation, and business climate. Here are just a few items to consider when investing in the community:
#1: in the Midwest and #5 nationally, Chief Executive Best & Worst States 2016 
#1: The Pacific Research Institute Small Business Regulation Index 2015 
#3:PollinaCorporate Top 10 Pro-Business States 2015 
#5: Business Facilities State Ranking Report 2016 
#8:Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index

The state is require to keep a BALANCED BUDGET. Additionally, the State of Indiana holds a Triple-A Bond Rating from all three rating agencies.

The State of Indiana has committed to the following tax cuts:
       • Corporate –6.25% (4.9% by 2021)
       • Individual –3.3% (3.23% by 2017)
       • No inventory or inheritance tax

Building successful businesses, generating job opportunities, and providing a higher standard of living.
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